Can I build from these plans?
Most Certainly. Whether choosing a plan set, Cad set, Electronic Set or reproducible set. You will receive everything your builder needs to construct your home. However additional requirements may be needed per your building department and/or location. This may include Structural specifications which vary by region, soil, seismic conditions. The good news is most lumber suppliers should be able to supply this to you at little or no cost. As always communicate with your builder and never hesitate to ask the designer if you need answers.
What's the difference between a stock home plan and a custom home plan?
Biggest difference is stock home plans can save you up to 70% or more rather than a custom home plan. Most of our stock home plans started as a custom plan and later become a stock plan so in a since it could be viewed as pre-owned vs brand new. Stock home plans is a perfect way to get started construction sooner and at the fraction of a custom plan. Our designers have upwards of 30 years of designing homes so you can rest assured that you have made the right decision purchasing stock over custom. More and more people are doing it every day.
If I find a plan that is close to what I want can I have it modified?
Most Certainly, Because our system puts you in direct contact with the original designer there is no question you will get exactly what you want.
If I want to have a plan modified, What can I expect the process to be?
First of all our designers are professionals and we do not expect you to know first hand what changes can be made. So never fear that what you ask will be what our designers will do regardless if it will work or not. Our designers are prepared to suggest and navigate you through any modifications. Typically all changes are sent for you to review before they will deliver your final plans. Yes, we know more changes can happen along the way. So never hesitate to ask. We are humans too. :)
What is a Plan Set?
Our options of plan sets are sheets of documents ranging from Dimensioned floor plans, Foundation plan, Exterior Elevations etc... which are bound (Stapled) together forming a plan set. When you order a 5 plan set you will receive 5 complete copies of a set of plans.
How many set of plans will I need?
Most of all, your builder can advise you as to how many sets you will need. 8-10 sets is a good rule of thumb you can use. Here is a list of people that may request a set of plans.

Lend holder, Appraiser, Builder, Permit office, Lumber supplier and the following sub-contractors: Foundation, Framer, Plumber, Electrician, HVAC etc.. All in all if you ever need additional sets later please, do not hesitate to contact your designer. Or you can choose other options we have available to choose from.
Last note: Please remember that purchasing a plan is actually purchasing only a licence to build once. Our designers plans are protected under Federal copyright Law. If you plan to build more than once you must contact your designer before doing so.